ICW Media (icw.media) is a marketing agency focused on providing content and social media services for tech firms. We are looking to add freelance social media managers to our team who have experience working with technology-focused startups and/or enterprises (B2B, SaaS, eCommerce, mobile app, adtech, social media, fintech, martech, etc.).

Who we are looking for: You are a seasoned social media manager with experience handling accounts for tech firms. You understand the nuances of social engagement and how to develop compelling content quickly. You’re exceptionally good at this sort of work but it isn’t your only focus. You’ve got other things going on in your life — maybe you’re working on building your own social accounts, or raising a family, or searching for hidden treasure — and want the freedom to operate independently.

How we work: Everything we tackle is project-based and done remotely. There are no offices, no set hours, and no overbearing bosses. We trust each other to deliver first-rate work on schedule — where we do it from and what we do with the rest of our time is up to us. All of our roles are independent contractors and 100% remote. The volume of work varies depending on the needs of our clients — sometimes there’s none and sometimes there’s a ton. We are deeply committed to treating each other well and paying the highest rates possible.


  • Experience handling social media for tech/startup/B2B firms
  • Examples of social media work you've done for tech firms/links to accounts you've managed